Bread Magazine

Vancouver’s first hospitality magazine written by industry workers


Bread Magazine was an industry based  magazine that circulated organically throughout hospitality locations, and directed to an adult market. It provided an in-depth expose of how restaurant workers perceived their beloved industry and provoked a discussion about the key issues that affected their professional careers.


We helped Bread Magazine with the development of their logo and branding identity. The idea behind this storytelling magazine was to encourage people to “break bread” or discuss the issues surrounding the hospitality industry. Using a bread clip as the symbol, it helped the readers and feel they were about to open up something fresh and new. Just like a loaf of bread would use a bread clip to show a best before date, this magazine would use the clip for its issue dates. 

Through a collaborative effort and word-of-mouth campaign, the bread clip symbol started to bring excitement to the working professionals around Western Canada. The members of the industry became immediately attracted to this endearing publication as it was the only place to find true stories and topical information, written by their colleagues. It was a true slice of heaven for a industry often burned by unimaginable heat.


We encouraged the marketing division at Bread Magazine to appeal to the members of the industry with face-to-face contact. The goal was to help the staff of this hard working and very eclectic industry to recognize the people both behind the brand and inside the magazine. There was absolute transparency and truth coming off the pages of this highly engaging magazine which connected so well with everyone. Local workers throughout the Greater Vancouver Area would soon become dedicated ambassadors and referrals for topics, contributors and distribution points. The organic campaign led Bread Magazine to become a favourite amongst industry professionals across the country. Kudos to the entire team that helped make this timeless treasure a everlasting memory in the hearts of those that serve their local communities.


Nicholas Simon

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Bread Magazine

Snippets from Bread Magazine March 15, 2017


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