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Khatsahlano Builders are an innovative carpentry company located in Vancouver and service the entire province of British Columbia. Lead by Contractor, Jason Liang, this team of experienced craftsman build homes, decks, fences, framing, custom woodworking and much more.  Together, we worked at building a website that could help showcase the services they offer.


Using WordPress, we built a clean and responsive website that would help this client be able to show their recent work to prospective clients. We applied categories to each service to make it easy to organize the content and present the portfolio in sections/pages for visitors to their website to easily find. We also added call to action buttons on each page to help generate leads.


We helped Khatsahlano Builders with the development of their logo and branding identity. Being a British Columbia (B.C) based business we wanted to include the mountains as a relatable range that included three peaks for Cypress, Seymour and Grouse mountains. At the centre of the logo is a home that’s placed at the foot of the mountains, a viewpoint that many residents of B.C could relate to. All of this is within a diamond shape, that has four corners for the geographic poles, North, East, West and South. All the directions that the company is willing to work within.


We provided guidance and tutorials for our client to utilize social media marketing strategies as a way to showcase their projects in the before and after states. This was a one-way presentation for followers and prospective clients to see the work completed by these master contractors. Khatasahlano Builders continues to feature their work on their social media channels, most especially Instagram and have built up an even more stellar reputation all across British Columbia.

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    Khatsahlano Builders

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    Website, Facebook, Instagram, Logo, Branding

Khatsahlano Builders

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