Juliet's Café

Breakfast and Lunch made to order


Juliet’s Café is a family operated restaurant specializing in breakfast and lunch service. Located at Cypress and Cornwall, this long standing establishment has been making homemade meals for their guests for over two decades. They continue to be one of the hottest weekend brunch spots in town and are with the help of their long tables, they are known for being very accommodating for large groups. The family behind the counter have been both residents and restauranteurs in Kitsilano since 1996. Their first café was called Romeo’s but they moved directly across that street to better serve their growing clientele in 2003. This kind hearted family had built up a loyal following in the ’90’s and were invited by the neighbouring landlord to occupy a space that had closed down.  Pon’s Chinese restaurant at 1905 Cornwall Avenue had been a staple for many years and when they were ready to pass the torch, the landlord couldn’t think of a better fit than the hard working family across the street. It was during this transitional phase that the owners decided to change the name to Juliet’s Café after their daughter. 


We first met with Juliet’s Café in 2011 during the “Flash” era of websites. They had been using a Flash based website since 2006 and were in need of an upgrade.  After explaining to the owners that this technology was outdated and considered by many as a inhibitor to a website’s performance, they agreed to let us rebuild a new site. Using WordPress, we built a responsive website that offered a look into the family behind the scenes and well lit photos of their menu. In addition, we added a plugin for the owners to announce their daily features (eg. Soup de jour or Daily Specials).  We have updated the presentation a few times to accommodate the changing trends in the industry. Since working with Juliet’s Cafe, we have always ensured their online presentation maintained a user-friendly and responsive website that would help this guests be able to find what they’re looking for with ease.


For nearly a decade, our team has been assisting this client with website updates, interactions with hosting providers. Our working relationship has become rather personal as we have watched their family grow up before our eyes. We have a great bond with our clients, especially those that live and work in the same neck of the woods as we do. 

Our favourite menu item is the Classic Clubhouse sandwich; tender grilled chicken breast, crisp bacon, tomato, cucumber and lettuce.

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    Juliet's Café

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Pauline Au-Yeung - Owner

“Jer has been designing and handling maintenance for our website for almost ten years. He’s professional, efficient and reliable. We are pleased to work with him and highly recommended him to others!”

Pauline Au-Yeung - Owner

Juliet's Café